Privacy Policy

This Online web sales Policy governs the use of The Cloth website – as it pertains to The Cloth, The Cloth’s brand logo ®,

The Cloth collects and processes information about customers and visitors to its website to perform its business, to improve or expand our functionalities, features, service and product offerings, to make the website user friendly and relevant to you. We shall use the information you give to contact you as required, e.g. to inform you about changes to the website and to provide information on updates, new products or services etc.


Why we collect data

Cookies are tiny electronic messages a web server provides to your web browser. The message contains information stored on your computer and sent back to the server when your browser requests pages from the server. Cookies make the use of a website run faster and easier. Cookies facilitate easier browsing, personalise your online session, track your activity on the website so we can respond quickly to your purchase needs.

The Cloth Caribbean Limited (hereinafter referred to as “The Cloth”) may gather (possibly via cookies) and analyse information regarding the use of this website, including domain name, IP addresses, hits, pages visited, etc.

Take caution with automatic cookie functionality. Browsers carry a functionality that prompt you to allow the browser to store passwords and logon IDs so that you don’t need to enter this information every time you access a website. The Cloth strongly urges you not to use this functionality to prevent unauthorised use of your online order numbers etc.

You can disallow cookies by selecting to do so from your browser options. Keep in mind that certain services require cookies for effective delivery. If this arises a notice will appear that will ask you to allow cookies to receive the service. If you do allow cookies, The Cloth will treat the information obtained from these cookies with equal security and privacy protection as any other customer information we receive.

Sensitive data

The Cloth does not collect sensitive personal data on this website. If The Cloth does seek to collect such data, we shall ask for your prior consent. By providing The Cloth with sensitive personal data you give The Cloth consent to use that data for the aforementioned purposes.

Security and privacy

The Cloth has taken all reasonable steps in the security of personal information transmitted and transactions done. These include encryption, filters and firewalls. Mindful of the remote possibilities that data security violations may occur and that complete online confidentiality is not 100% secure, The Cloth conducts periodic reviews to assess its online security measures. As a result, The Cloth may enhance its security measures and provide instructions about your access to You agree to abide by and comply with any instructions The Cloth may provide to you either on the website or through any other means.

Third-party sites

This Privacy Policy does not extend to third party sites which may be linked to this web site.

How to contact The Cloth

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our data processing activities, you can contact us at

Changes to our Internet Privacy Policy

The Cloth reserves the right to update, edit or make changes to this policy and related procedures at any time. If we make any changes to our Internet policy, we will outline those changes on our website.